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FIA Formula 2 (Race 2): Correa 19th after an eventful big race

Updated: May 27, 2021

On Sunday, Juan Manuel Correa (Sauber Junior Team) started a great race, "sprint race" of 23 laps. He started1 6th position on the grid and advanced to 11th. Unfortunately, an accident with the British Jordan King at the lap 7, forced him to enter the pits and change the nose of his car which caused him, to cross 19th.

Univirtuosi team Italian Luca Ghiotto obtained the victory, after being the only one of the top six who stopped in the pits to change his tires. On the podium, he was accompanied by the two DAMS team drivers: Sergio Sette Camara and Nicholas Latifi, the winner of the long race held on Saturday.

At the start, there was a touch between the first riders -Aitken, De Vries, and Deletraz- while Mick Schumacher continued in pole position. Behind, Juan Manuel Correa, who started sixteenth, climbed two spots and placed 14th. The head of the race soon changed, when Sette Camara overtook Schumacher and Ghiotto. Correa continued in his 14th place.

On lap 4, Ghiotto overtook Sette Camara and took command of the race, while Juan Manuel Correa passed Alesi to place himself thirteenth. The pace of the American was unstoppable, and one turn later, he overtook Boschung.

On lap 7, Correa overtook King, until the Brit returned to fight back. When King passed Correa, he braked, and Corre damaged his front wing. Correa pitted, where he changes the nose of his car, the tires, and when he returned to the track, he was in the last position.

Juan Manuel Correa did not give up, and from the last position, he overtook first the Indian Raghunathan, and then behind the Russian Nikita Mazepin, was cutting a few seconds to the lap. Finally, Correa crossed nineteenth.

The next test will be in Azerbaijan, on the urban circuit of Baku, from April 26 to 28.

Juan Manuel Correa:

"It was a big shame to have that little touch. I do not know what happened, but it took me by surprise. In general, it has been a much more positive race than yesterday, so I am happy. The first stint was excellent, I overtook about five cars, and had a good pace. Without touch, the top 10 could have been possible. Regardless have we have to keep our heads up high and keep working. I am sure that for the next race we will arrive with much more strength, we have learned a lot this weekend."

"The growth curve has been huge during the weekend, which is the most important thing at the beginning of the season. I'm super positive; I think the team is too, even the results don't show it. "

JM Correa (19) is an American-Ecuadorian F2 driver, that grew up in Miami, FL and currently lives in Barcelona, Spain. Juan Manuel ’s racing season will be completed with Sauber Junior Team and he has been selected to participate in the Alfa Romeo Racing Formula 1 Team as Development Driver.

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