January 14, 2020

Juan Manuel Correa is Awarded by the FIA Americas Awards

FIA Formula 3
2020 Season

The world of American motorsports has been celebrating the FIA ​​AMERICAS AWARDS for eleven years, which on this occasion took place in Panama City.

This ceremony is the perfect occasion to award the mobility and sports heroes of the year 2019.

In the eleventh edition of the FIA ​​AMERICAS AWARDS, Juan Manuel Correa received from the FIA ​​Americas the award in the motorsport category for his outstanding performance in Formula 2 as a driver for the Sauber Junior Team and as a development driver for Alfa Romeo. Racing Formula 1 Team.

During the ceremony, the most emotional moment was lived when the entire audience stood up giving a special ovation to Juan Manuel Correa who was the victim of the tragic Formula 2 accident in Belgium last year and who got up in a wheelchair. to collect your prize.

For Juan Manuel, being recognized by the FIA ​​Americas is a great honour to be recognized for his performance in the Formula 2 championship and for the impetus shown in his recovery process after the accident suffered at the Spa circuit in Belgium.

About the FIA Americas Awards 2020

The XI edition was attended by the authorities of the International Automobile Federation of America, Mr. José Abed, President of FIA AMERICAS and NACAM, Mr. Jorge Tomasi, President of Region IV FIA, Mr. Tim Shearman, President of the Region III FIA and the presidents and delegates of 25 clubs from all over the continent.

In addition, FIA Deputy Presidents for Sport and Mobility Mr. Stoker and Mr. Willemarck respectively made the trip from Geneva to applaud the 2019 champions.

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