August 28, 2021

Juan Manuel Correa Braves The Conditions at Soaking Spa

FIA Formula 3
2021 Season

Juan Manuel had a good car for dry conditions and his prediction of being able to improve positions was impossible to fulfil.

There was rain forecast throughout the weekend and the FIA Formula 3 drivers had to be on track under the rain nearly from the first lap of the weekend. Apart from the free tests on Friday morning,, the rest of the weekend has been under the rain. In fact, the rain has affected the whole weekend in the Qualifying, where Juan Manuel had an off and could not get any better than 27th, which has weighed him down the whole weekend.

Race 1

Started: 27th, Finished: 22nd

The two first races took place today, Saturday and there was a delay already in the morning because the helicopter was not able to take off due to the rain and fog. The start was delayed and done behind the safety car. Conditions were horrible and after three laps behind the safety car it was decided to suspend the race until the weather improved a bit. Nearly at eleven, an hour late, the race started again behind the safety car, which left the track after two laps leaving Italian driver Colombo, from the Campos Racing Team in the lead.

Juan Manuel had a good car for dry conditions and his prediction of being able to improve positions was impossible to fulfil. The cloud of water from the group made it impossible to overtake. Despite all that, Juan Manuel was able to finish 22nd in a race in which Colombo, who started from pole position after finishing 12th in Qualifying won ahead of Crawford and Stanek, who started behind the Campos driver.

Race 2

Started: 22nd, Finished: 18th

In the second race, Juan Manuel started from 22nd for a race that started with a long delay due to the accident suffered by Lando Norris at the Raidillon during the F1 Qualifying session, which delayed the last F3 race of the day.

The race started without rain but a very wet track and everyone was using intermediate tyres for the standing start.

A complicated start made Juan Manuel end in 24th place, but in lap nine he was already 21st. An accident suffered by Nannini forced the “Virtual safety car” which coincided with a heavy storm that made the safety car go out on track. There were still 6 laps left from the 17, but when the safety car retired, another accident, again at Raidillon, where Cordeel and Williams crashed, made the Safety car go out again. The race was stopped when 40 minutes passed, although only 16 of the 17 laps had been completed. Victory was for Jack Doohan, followed by David Schumacher and Logan Sargeant, with Juan Manuel Correa in 18th place.

“They were two very intense races, complicated by the rain and the group made it nearly impossible to see. Battling without seeing is not very wise, but in the end these days that are tough and with extreme conditions help prepare the driver. It’s fun to keep the car on track and sliding all the time. It’s a pity that, in these conditions, a bad result in Qualifying ruins the whole weekend. Tomorrow we’ll have more driving and more rain, it seems”

Race 3

*Cancelled due to weather conditions*

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